We invite you to come to Africa and enjoy one of the most breathtaking terrains in the world. Come see the sandy beaches and historical sites of the spice island Zanzibar. Commonly known as the Spice Island, it is the largest island off Tanzania’s coast. Offering a spectacular tropical getaway, tourists infrequently visit this island paradise. The Omani Sultans ruled this location for centuries and the Arabic influences are still very substantial.

Our staff has extensive experience in the tourism sector which is closely monitored and regulated by the government of Tanzania trough its tourism regulatory and promotion agency – the Tanzania Tourist Board (TTB), under which we are an officially registered and approved tours and safaris operator.

Peponi Expeditions and Safari will help you plan, organize and execute your Zanzibar visit – custom tailored to your taste, preference and consistent with your budget and time.

You will stay at our exclusive first choice Hotel – the dreamlike Pongwe Beach Hotel.

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Spice up your Zanzibar visit

If you are interested in history and culture, complete your Zanzibar visit with a traditional spice farm tour. Zanzibar has been one of the major exporters of lovely spices such as cloves, cinnamon, black pepper and nutmeg for many years.