Please fill out the form below to take your first step towards your African adventure. Once we have received your application and made sure that everything looks fine, we will contact you by email for more information, such as how and when you can arrive in Tanzania, payment and special requests regarding diet as well as answering any questions you might have for us. This application is not binding in any way. Our deposit fee is $250 / person – included in the price. 

Thank you for choosing Inessa Expeditions Kilimanjaro!

In the USA, Inessa Expeditions Kilimanjaro operates in partnership with Unavita Adventures.

Payments can be made to Unavita Adventures in the USA

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The Procedure
1. You complete the application to the left.

2. We receive the application and will confirm the date with our office in Tanzania.

3. Once confirmed, we will contact you via email to plan the expedition further such as how and when you can arrive in Tanzania, accommodation info, how you will secure the deposit of $1,500 per person and we will answer any questions you might have for us.

4. You book your airline tickets and let us know the details such as time of arrival and gate.

5. You arrive to Tanzania and pay the rest in cash after we have picked you up at the airport.

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Your destination is: Kilimanjaro, Tanzania (JRO)
This is the Kilimanjaro International Airport.

Tipping Guidelines

To show satisfaction and appreciation, tipping is commonly used in Tanzania. It's a sign of good service and part of good manners when climbing Kilimanjaro. If the service was of high standard, we encourage you to give a generous tip; if the service did not meet your expectations, please adjust your tip accordingly.

Lyimo Expeditions Kilimanjaro's staff are paid a fair and proper living wage – no one relies on tips as their only income source. However, it provides valuable relational benefits and additional financial assistance.

Kilimanjaro Climb

How much do I tip?
You can either choose to gather your total tip amount in a pool with the rest of the climbers which we later divide evenly among the crew, or if you would like to have control over who's receiving what, you can give your tip from an individual to an individual.

As a guide line, we recommend that each climber calculate their total tip offering as: 10 – 15% of the total climb cost OR $50 – 70 for each day on the mountain. This amount is close to the following tip ranges divided by each crew member position: Porters receive $6/day, cook(s) receive $10/day, assistant guide(s) receive $20/day and trip leader/head guide receives $40/day.

When do I give my tip?
Lyimo Expeditions Kilimanjaro knows that a successful climb of Kilimanjaro is built on team work and support of all climbers, guides and crew. To appreciate this team effort, the tip is given the last day of the trip after we have celebrated.

The Arusha Safari

Each group of 4 clients on the Arusha Safari will share one vehicle with a naturalist/driver. Camping safaris include one camping crew and one cook.

How much do I tip?
The following tip ranges are recommended for safari:
Camping Crew:$6-$10 per day per vehicle (camping safari)
Cook: $10-$15 per day per vehicle (camping safari)
Naturalist/Driver: $20-$25 per day per vehicle